Biography & Vitae

portrait_02James Aaron Williams is a former Municipal Police Chief and a retired United States Department of Justice Senior Executive and Chief of Organized Crime Task Forces worldwide. Part of his tenure at the USDOJ was spent as Chief of International Police Training. In addition to Law Enforcement and Training administration, Mr. Williams served as a U.S. Diplomat to the Caribbean. While administering mission essential training programs, he also administered operational oversight of multi agency and Caribbean country enforcement operations. He has been admitted in Federal and State Courts as an Expert in the specialties of Police Policy, Practices & Procedures and International Police Training.

Mr. Williams has met State and Federal Court Standards of the Daubert Challenges. He is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association, currently serving on the ABA Criminal Justice Section Committee. Mr. Williams is a Certified Forensic Consultant, and a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners, currently serving as a Certification Course Presenter at the ACFE National Conferences held annually. Mr. Williams is currently on staff at Rowan University as an adjunct professor and is a fellow at the American College of Forensic Examiners in Springfield, Missouri.

Mr. Williams is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security, International, and serves on the ASIS Crime and Loss Prevention Council. Mr. Williams has served as a presenter at the Annual National Expert Witness and Consultant Conference at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and is a visiting Adjunct Professor for Criminal Justice studies at Rowan University. He is the Owner and Principal Consultant of J. A. Williams LLC, International Forensic Consultants, serving both plaintiff and defense attorneys in civil and criminal matters involving Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Training.

Mr. Williams’ Expert Opinion in Wrongful Death cases has been a feature in State Appellate Court findings, and decisions, involving police defense application of Qualified Immunity statutes.

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