Other Services

JA Williams, LLC provides a variety of other Services including:

  • Law Enforcement Teaching Experience

    1. Municipal Police Academy Chief Instructor, seven (7) years
    2. Domestic and International Mobile Unit Chief, seven (7) years
    3. Criminal Justice Adjunct Professor, ten (10) years
    4. Police Policy, Practice and Procedures Lecturer, ten (10) years
    5. Lecturer, Expert Witness and Consultant, ten (10) years
  • Courses Developed and Taught by James A. Williams

    1. Police Responsibility under Civil Rights Law
    2. Drug Identification
    3. Pharmacology of Abused Drugs
    4. Developing and Handling Informants
    5. Clandestine Laboratory Investigations
    6. Intelligence Gathering
    7. Handling Official Funds
    8. Surveillance Operations
    9. Undercover Operations
    10. Conspiracy Investigations
    11. Evidence Gathering and Control
    12. Report Writing
    13. Liaison and Multi-agency Investigations
    14. Warrant Applications
    15. Arrest Search and Seizure Operations
    16. Asset and Property Identification
    17. Asset and Property Seizures
    18. Field Practical Exercises
    19. Raid Planning and Execution
  • Speaking Engagements

    JA Williams, LLC provide speaking and educational engagements on Police Policies, Practices and Procedures; Security Procedures; and Expert Witness Testimony

    If you would like to request a speaking engagement, please contact us.

  • Pharmaceutical Consulting

    JA Williams, LLC provides security audits and government liaison with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for Chemical Company Operations and Compliance.

  • Genealogical Research

    JA Williams, LLC can provide Genealogical Research services upon request.