JA Williams, LLC provides Training Services in the following areas:

  • Drug Law Enforcement Training

    JA Williams, LLC provides specialized Drug Law Enforcement Training. This training covers such topics as pharmacology of abused drugs, drug identification, investigation, undercover operations, conspiracy law, wiretap use, intelligence gathering, arrest search and seizure, report writing, search and seizure warrant application preparation and concludes with an on-street practical exercise program that allows students to call into action the skills that they have learned during the two-week class.

  • Executive Protection Training

    JA Williams, LLC provides specialized training to certify students as personal protective specialists. Course graduates will have the necessary training to function as professional PPS and Security officers. This three-day seminar is taught by certified law enforcement and security professionals and concludes with a practical exercise that allows the students to test their newly learned skills. If you are interested in learning more about our Executive Protection Training course, please contact us.

  • Special Operations Police Training

    JA Williams, LLC provides specialized police operation training that is mission essential to special overt and covert projects. All training sessions are conducted by certified state and federal law enforcement officers. Nationally recognized certificates of training are awarded for all seminar and school completions. Where appropriate, college accreditation is awarded for seminar and school completions. If you are interested in learning more about our Special Operations Police Training, please contact us.

  • Specialized Law Enforcement and Intelligence Training

    The mission of JA Williams, LLC is to provide certified professional Mission Essential Law Enforcement Training and to be the first choice for the law enforcement community in our consulting services by providing distinguished consulting services utilizing both domestic and international experience. J.A. Williams, LLC is a professional firm that specializes in strategic consulting and training services for local and international law enforcement agencies. The firm comprises a number of skilled practitioners who posses many years of practical experience in both developing and managing professional law enforcement policy, practice and procedure services with global quality. This unique combination of detailed knowledge and practical experience brings together a wealth of creative skill to address and implement mission essential agency operations programs. Programs are structured under the following strategies:

    1. Training Needs Assessment: Studies have emphasized the importance of training employees in enhancing work and duty quality, however; many such general training programs are not as successful as they are designed to be simply because they do not address the actual or specific needs of the organization or agency. By targeting the Mission Essential organizational needs, J.A. Williams, LLC makes detailed studies of the mission objectives, strategies and resources and then maps this information against the required qualifications, which allows us to identify specific training areas to be enhanced.
    2. Training Program Designing: J.A. Williams Associates, LLC can develop training programs tailored to meet Mission Essential needs by utilizing the results of the TNA’s gap analysis to design program components for the employees with clear guidelines showing the prerequisites, sequence, duration and the expected results of the training.
    3. Training Partner Selection: To ensure the training strategy will achieve its desired objectives, it is most important to select the right professionals to implement the training program. J.A. Williams, LLC helps retaining agencies to select the most suitable training provider and/or provides the training based upon pre-agreed selection criteria that the agency or organization determines. This criteria usually includes experience, previous work history, specialty in the specific field, the trainer’s profile of education, experience and training and a statement of proposed materials and costs.
    4. Training Program Benchmarking: Once a training program has been implemented, it is most essential to track the results against the original agency or organization objectives. J.A. Williams, LLC reviews the process and provides the agency or organization with a clear picture of the return on investment on the training. We measure both the trainer’s and the program’s efficiency and assess the employee’s response to the given training.